About Us

Disha was started as part of the Tata Tea Wives Welfare Association in 1984. It provides direction and fulfilment to the wives of all the staff working in the tea plantations of Munnar. The primary objective of forming this was:

  • To promote the economic interest of its members
  • To encourage self-help among its members
  • To make laundry bags and raincoats
  • To share knowledge and improve the quality of work

Presently, there are fifteen ladies with Disha who are involved in the supply of laundry bags to the Taj Group of Hotels. The ambience in the unit is of one big happy family with a lot of laughter and cheer among the ladies.

They were unanimous in agreeing that this coming together has given them a purpose, economic independence and a sense of self-worthiness. The ladies’ group initially was involved in stitching rain coats for the plantation labourers. Then when the orders for laundry bags for the Taj Group of Hotels started coming in, a local tailor from the company estate gave them sufficient training in sewing laundry bags. Today, these fifteen ladies get orders for at least 10,000 laundry bags from the different hotels and the work is equally divided amongst them. On an average, these ladies dedicate 6 – 7 hours a day to sewing bags. Apart from raincoats and laundry bags, they also make beautiful smocked frocks for little girls –newborn up to the age of five.